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July 14, 2023
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In 2020, when Covid-19 hit, and project managers everywhere had to pivot to new ways of working – often overnight. I saw the opportunity to partner with a fabulous group of coaches from around the world.

I founded ALLE LLC in 2016. For several years, I focused on taking training courses, practicing and developing my coaching skills and enjoying a role as a coach trainer.

Allan Elmore, Angela Carter-Lanon, Brigid Buchholz Carney, Delia Hayden, Kari Kelly, Mara Saltz, Naomi Clark-Turner, Pam McRae, Renée Hutcherson-Lucier, Silvia Rodriguez, Teresa Schmitz, Tiffine Johnson-Davis-Good, and Tina Scott-Morgan all came forward to offer coaching to groups from all over the world. We worked together over the next two years of the pandemic.

The In It Together Coaching program had been born!

The coaches were amazing and I cannot thank them enough for their time, effort and support of the people we took through the program. We heard feedback such as this comment from Sayoko Kuwahara, Founder & CEO of Sage Consulting:

The “In It Together Group Coaching” was personally and professional impactful and practical.  I came away with much deeper understanding myself and others. I must say I love the VIA Character Strengths. Throw away the critical judge’s glasses and put on the appreciator glasses!  I devised a game which I call, “I Spy Character Strengths.”  I actively look for character strengths in others and name them.  This is just one concrete example of my own takeaways from this program. I highly recommend the “In It Together Group Coaching.”

Sayoko Kuwahara

The five session program was based on character strengths. It included topics such as know your own strengths, lead from strengths, appreciating strengths in others. It was delivered to groups of individuals as well as multiple organizations.

Then in 2021, work changed again for many of us and as day-to-day workplace demands made it harder for people – coaches and participants alike – to create space and time for the sessions. We hit pause.

Now, a year on, ALLE LLC is a collaboration of coaches that includes Allison Jarrett, Beckie Davies and Irene Poku. A new version of ALLE LLC has been created and we are building new programs for training and coaching.

We offer 1:1 and group coaching, training in live and asynchronously, keynotes and conference breakouts/workshops. Each is a way to support you on the journey to being your best you!

We welcome you to the world of ALLE LLC, where you will find a lever long enough to move your world!